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Powerblock DumbbellsThe PowerBlock Elite adjustable dumbbells are one of the most trusted sets in the fitness industry – A Right Option to Maintain Fitness.

Product Introduction:

PowerBlock Classic Adjustable Dumbbells are designed to maintain your fitness without even visiting the fitness center. For strength training, PowerBlock Classic Adjustable Dumbbell Set is very effective equipment. PowerBlock Adjustable Dumbbell set is a well-made product. These dumbbells offer you a maximum weight of 45 pounds. It is very easy to change weights quickly while doing exercises.

Product Details:

PowerBlock Classic Adjustable Dumbbell Set is effective for bodybuilding. Rather than buying multiple dumbbells which occupy more space, Powerblock Adjustable Dumbbells are the better option for you. PowerBlock Classic Adjustable Dumbbell Set is cost effective. These dumbbells are easy to use. When you want to change the weight, you just need to move the selector pin into the slot. A single pair of these adjustable dumbbells is able to do the work of multiple weights.

PowerBlock Classic Adjustable Dumbbellpowerblock classic adjustable dumbbell set Set has the following specifications:

  • With the help of a selector pin, you can easily increase or decrease the weights.
  • As compared to traditional dumbbells, these adjustable dumbbells are compact. You can store them easily.
  • You can adjust weights from 5 to 45 pounds. You can increase the weight by 5 pounds.
  • Unlike the traditional dumbbells, Powerblock Adjustable Dumbbells take less space.
  • In only one step, you can select the weight.
  • It offers a 10-year warranty.

Because of the padded grips, you will feel more comfortable while doing exercises with PowerBlock Adjustable Dumbbells. You may think that, because of the square shape of these adjustable dumbbells can cause a problem while performing exercises. But you can do almost each and every exercise with this adjustable dumbbells e.g. curls, one hand row, incline press, overhead press, seated press, bench press, military, triceps extensions, dumbbell squats, dumbbell deadlifts, dumbbells raises upright rows.

These adjustable dumbbells are used to tone your body. If you want to reduce unwanted body fat, then Powerblock adjustable dumbbell set is good equipment for you. These dumbbells are great to use. But the only thing is that you need to take care while handling this PowerBlock Adjustable Dumbbells, otherwise it can cause a trouble.

powerblock adjustable dumbbellsPros:

  • PowerBlock Classic Adjustable Dumbbell Set is cost and space efficient.
  • These dumbbells are easy to use and well balanced.
  • PowerBlock Adjustable Dumbbells take less space, as compared to conventional dumbbells.
  • You can easily change the weights while performing different exercises.
  • In case of traditional weights, you need to add or remove the weights manually. But for PowerBlock Adjustable Dumbbells, you just move the selector pin to change the weight.
  • PowerBlock Classic Adjustable Dumbbells are very sturdy.


  • It is a bit difficult with selector pin to change the weight, when the weights are at flat surface i.e. ground or table. Using stand, this problem can be eliminated.
  • Also, you need to handle it carefully; otherwise it can put you in trouble.


If you are looking for quality adjustable dumbbells for exercises, then PowerBlock Classic Adjustable dumbbell set is right for you. It is worth to buy this product. Doing exercise with Powerblock Adjustable Dumbbells is very comfortable. So, decide if it is a right choice for you and get ready to stay fit easily.


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