Universal Power-Pak 4450

Universal Power-Pak 445 Adjustable Dumbbells with StandThe Universal Power-Pak 445 – The Best Fitness Equipment with Adjustable Weights and this one is a space saver by itself.

Product Introduction:

Universal Power-Pak 445 is one of the best inexpensive adjustable dumbbells having a stand to keep them safe. It is indeed one of the best options for people who are looking to exercise at home. Each of the dumbbells is designed with extra care and has a nongrip technology, which is built to last and easy to use. Normally the exercise equipment takes a lot of space, but the Universal Power-Pak 445 is the one which you are looking for. The user can restructure the workout with these sets of dumbbells and can have a variety of weight options. They made with a very robust exterior so the dumbbells do not damage. Anyone with lighter weight can also handle these set of dumbbells easily.

Product Details:universal dumbbells

The Universal Power-Pak 445 is one adjustable set of exercise equipment which allows the user to adjust the weights and are very robust compared to the traditional dumbbells. The weight range available in this set can range from 4 to 45 pounds. The dumbbells are 14 inches long and 15 inches wide and are 7 inches tall. A true fitness enthusiast can have an amazing set of dumbbells which he can keep as belonging. Generally, a person starts with the weight, which he normally could go over initially, but later he may require to buy a new set of dumbbells every time. However, Universal Power is the best set of exercise equipment that is available in the adjustable category. Any fitness freak will stop their search for these pair of dumbbells. The weights in this equipment can be changed rapidly. The thermoplastic material has made the handle and is very comfortable to use. The material is easy and Eco-friendly. The best feature of this product is that it comes with the best grip and no slipping is possible due to this material. The technology can avoid any accidents in the gym and the house due to the slipping of fitness equipment. The dumbbells come with a workout guide and are shipped free anywhere.


  • Saves a lot of space.
  • It is a joy to perform exercise on this set.
  • Adjustable weights
  • Comes along with a workout guide.
  • Free shipping


These set of dumbbells are the perfect exercise equipment and one can feel the thrill and joy to perform these exercises at the advantage of changing the weights as per the requirements. Alternate rows, wide rows, lying trunk rotation, twisting trunk, abdominal exercises, and deadlift and abs crunches can be done easily and very comfortably. Different shoulder exercises, chest exercises, abdominal exercises, and arm exercises are much easier to perform now. The equipment is a money saver and comes with the best step by step guide to understanding the functioning of the dumbbells. Users can try more than 30 types of exercises with these sets. Just weigh the pros and cons and check if it is the better option for you.


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