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adjustable dumbbells setWhat are adjustable dumbbells?

Have you been hearing about this term called “Adjustable Dumbbells” quite often? Are you getting irrelevant promotional information about adjustable dumbbells but are not able to understand it? Then this is the right section which will discuss and furnish relevant information about adjustable dumbbells with great understanding. Dumbbells refer to a device or equipment that is widely utilized for weight training sessions. They form a necessary part of gym workouts. A dumbbell is equipped with two equal weights that are affixed with a handle. These weights can be detached and attached with great ease. Dumbbells are used by people who are keen on building and toning their muscles. Dumbbells are widely popular devices that shape up the muscles of every part of our body.

One of the types of Dumbbells is Adjustable Dumbbells. Adjustable Dumbbells are becoming very popular in home work out regime. They are preferred majorly over the traditional dumbbells. These dumbbells have a metal bar which is engraved centrally with a crosshatch pattern. Crosshatch pattern enhances the gripping power of the person. The outer portion of the metal bar is well equipped with weight disks or plates. These weights can very easily be adjusted as per the desired weight taking capacity. There is an adjusting option on the weights which helps in increasing or decreasing the weight.

Adjustable Dumbbells form a versatile option for undertaking work out sessions at home. These types of dumbbells stand out amongst the crowd of dumbbells available in the market. The biggest USP of adjustable dumbbells is that they are really space savior equipments. Comprising of all the adjustments, it forms an all in one weight training equipment for all. These dumbbells are available widely amongst various brands. The price range varies from brand to brand. However, these dumbbells are available in all price brackets meeting the needs of one and all. Various fitness experts recommend people to purchase adjustable dumbbells as it is the best way of undertaking strength training. This dumbbell allows the person to check out and practice different weight by simply turning the lever to your desired weighing choice. The ease in adjusting weights makes these dumbbells be the most preferred ones for strength training.

What makes them so desirable?adjustable dumbbells review

Adjustable Dumbbell is an excellent device for strengthening the muscles and toning the body from top to bottom. It is an effective method of practicing fitness regime at home. It forms the basis for commencing home workout sessions. The traditional dumbbells are available as per different weight lifting capacities. Since they are available in different weights, the room tends to get filled with them thoroughly. Hence in order to meet up this drawback, adjustable dumbbells were developed for being an all in one weight lifting equipment. This type of dumbbell comprises of metal weighing plates or disks on both the ends. Instead of giving separately weighed dumbbell, the plates have been equipped with an adjustment of changing the level with the help of the lever. The person can switch to any desired level for the weight training session. This indeed eased down the hassle of carrying different weights separately or purchasing new weights all the time. Adjustable Dumbbells give a smooth strengthening experience to the user. These dumbbells act as a physical therapist as well for people taking therapies for backaches, joint pains, excessive cholesterol, etc…, Previously these dumbbells were available at an exorbitant price but currently, they have become quite affordable across all the brands.

top adjustable dumbbells

Adjustable dumbbells benefits

Adjustable Dumbbells are a successful replacement for traditional dumbbells. Though the concept of these dumbbells is a decade old, yet they are becoming widely popular in current times. These dumbbells were priced extraordinarily high when they were launched in the market. It was very difficult for people to buy and own them. But with a wide presence throughout various brands, adjustable dumbbells have become affordable. Let’s explore the benefits and features of utilizing an adjustable dumbbell:

1. Range of exercises: Adjustable dumbbells have been popularly known for their versatility. These dumbbells facilitate the users to carry out different exercises for back, chest, neck, legs, butt, triceps, biceps, thighs, hands, etc…, It gives an all in one solution in place of other weight training equipments

2. Simple to use: An adjustable dumbbell eases the task of caring for strengthening exercises. The user finds it to be an effortless way of operating it. The weight can be easily changed with the help of a lever or a pin.

3. Convenience: the weight in adjustable dumbbells ranges from 2.5 Pounds to 130 Pounds. The user can easily shift from one weight to another as per one’s capacity and desire.

4. Super quality: The top scoring brands are offering high and supreme quality materials in Adjustable Dumbbells. These dumbbells have been developed with plastic or metallic materials which are strong, durable and stainless

5. Growth oriented design: Each adjustable dumbbell has been made up of unique and novel design aiming towards strength and balance. The design is technically sound as the materials do not vibrate or move while usage. These dumbbells have been developed with utmost compactness as to ensure space management at home

6. Attachments: Adjustable Dumbbells are available widely across several brands. A good or an ideal brand of adjustable dumbbells will provide a set of relevant attachments required during fitness regime. The set of adjustable dumbbells kit comprises of mat, manual pack, set of bench, nutritional program and a video CD showcasing the process of using it.

adjustable dumbbells for womenYou should start using adjustable dumbbells for a home gym.

Adjustable Dumbbells are an appropriate means of carrying out work out sessions easily at home. They are the most preferred and checked out devices for strengthening muscle power in our body. Would you like to know the need for adjustable dumbbells? If yes, then you should proceed further and explore the reasons for it. The following are the reasons which will make you believe about the need for adjustable dumbbells:

1. Space: Space is one of the most challenging issues in homes today. Due to less space in rooms, it becomes difficult to stack the traditional dumbbells for work out sessions. But with adjustable dumbbells, one can forget about the space constraint. These dumbbells comprise of all the weights and so they get easily stacked on one bench.

2. Convenience for a better workout: Possessing an adjustable dumbbell is like owning a complete commercial gym. The reason behind this is that adjustable dumbbells allow the user to carry out majorly all the exercises for maintaining a fit body. Rather than shelling out money on expensive gyms, it is advisable to make a onetime investment in these dumbbells and practice for free.

3. Saves your time:: The performing sessions on adjustable dumbbells is time saving. Instead of changing the weighing plates manually, the user can easily adjust the lever and set the desired weight. This saves the time while working out. This enables the user to continue work out while changing the level of weights. The user can eventually realize the benefits while using it.

4. No need to pay for multiple dumbbells: Instead of spending money on the gym and other fitness centers repeatedly, it is advisable to make a onetime investment on adjustable dumbbells. One can work out anytime, anywhere with the help of adjustable dumbbells.

5. Safety: The adjustable dumbbells are developed with strong and solid material for ensuring safety while using them.

adjustable dumbbells comparison Choosing the right Adjustable Dumbbell is not so simple!

Buying an adjustable dumbbell is not an easy task. The more options one goes through, the more confusing buying becomes. Hence, it is advisable to follow a parameter check before making a purchase decision. The following are the parameters that will help in selecting the right adjustable dumbbell:

1. Weight Range: Adjustable Dumbbells comes in a set of different weights. The foremost thing that needs to be checked is the range of weight. The buyer should check the current capacity and future capacity weights for purchasing. The more the weight, the more is the cost

2. Ease and speed in adjusting weights: The next point of consideration is the speed and ease of adjusting weights. The weights should be easily adjusted while exercising.

3. Increasing weights: It is essential to progress gradually with respect to carrying weights. An ideal dumbbell will enable the user to move ahead with respect to weight selection.

4. Quality of material: It is essential to check the quality of the materials used in adjustable dumbbell. The metal should be of supreme quality for ensuring safety while using it.

All-time best brands in this segment

Adjustable Dumbbells are available across a wide range of brands. The following are the names of few brands that are out performers for adjustable dumbbells:

bowflex-select-tech-10901. Bowflex Select Tech 1090: The Bowflex Select Tech 1090 is the top choice for adjustable dumbbells. They are very popular amongst weight lifters. An easy to use and function, this dumbbell can accommodate 17 different free weights under one set of the dumbbell.

power-block-elite-90 2. Power Block Elite 90: The weight in this dumbbell falls in the range between 5 to 90 pounds. The weights can be adjusted with great ease and freedom. The design is compact and understands space management.

universal-power-pak-4453. Universal Power Pak 445: The Universal Power Pak 445 comes along with a stand. They fall in the list of most preferred adjustable dumbbells due to its availability along with a stand. Users can very easily understand the function and operate it easily.

ironmaster-75-pound-quick-lock4. Ironmaster 75 Pound Quick Lock: The Ironmaster 75 Pound Quick lock Adjustable dumbbells falls in the weight category of 5 pounds to 75 pounds. This set of dumbbells includes all the features that are required for strengthening the power of muscles. It is one of the top picks in the list for most preferred dumbbells. Due to its compact design, the user can place them anywhere in the house.

weider-tech-powerswitch-1005. Weider Tech PowerSwitch 100: A dial mechanism is utilized which helps in adjusting the weight range from five pounds to twenty five pounds. The pricing and compact design of these dumbbells makes it a preferred choice for the buyers.

bayou-fitness6. Bayou Fitness: Bayou Fitness Adjustable Dumbbells have been rated as five star by its users. The dumbbell comprises of complete versatility and qualities. The Bayou Fitness Dumbbells will allow the user to carry out any exercise that is required for strengthening muscle and body power.

Some of the other popular brands are Reebok Speed Pac 25, Stamina versa Bell 2 and so on.

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